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Expertise  Practice Areas 

Corporate Law
Tan Law Firm represents its clients with a wide range of legal services, ranging from participating in and advising on pre-contract negotiations, drafting and reviewing joint venture agreements and agreements for commercial agency distribution and franchises, advising on documents for establishing companies, branches, subsidiaries or international corporate structures, to giving corporate advice on day to day matters, attending Board and Shareholders meetings and obtaining and registering official authorizations and licenses.

Contract Law
We provide legal assistance to companies in relation to negotiations with Turkish and foreign counterparties, in connection with which we draw upon our legal expertise as well as our commercial experience. Attached to this field is also drafting of contracts, interpretation of existing contractual matters.

Litigation, Alternative Solutions
Tan Law Firm has a strong practice in civil and commercial litigation, representing our clients at any level of the Turkish Judiciary system. The firm's Litigation Department is supported by a nationwide infrastructure formed by affiliated offices and correspondent attorneys in most major cities of Turkey to litigate in defense of its clients' interests. Tan Law Firm's highly specialized professionals not only handles civil and commercial litigation matters requiring the Court's examination and decision, but also other alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as arbitration.

Employment and Labor Law
Tan Law Firm has extensive experience in the field of labor-management relations and is dedicated to helping its clients become more proactive in all related matters to prevent legal issues before they arise. The Firm advises its clients on contracts of employment in addition to handling the negotiation, drafting and termination of employment contracts, policies, employee benefit plans and compensation.

Real Estate, Property Law
We have been involved in numerous real estate - construction and land development projects and represented lenders, borrowers, sellers, buyers, investors and tenants in relation to development, financing and acquisition of the premises under the respective projects. Furthermore, Tan Law Firm offers comprehensive legal advice in all matters related to Land Development projects, all kinds of disposals and transfers of property, the establishment of real estate investment trusts, liens, and mortgages, commercial leasing, landlord and tenant law, leasehold law, building permits, regulations and litigation activities for the settlement of all kinds of disputes regarding property.

Administrative Law
Tan Law Firm offers a wide range of advice within the framework of administrative law. We represent our clients in all stages of administrative litigation before the competent administrative authorities.

Collection and Management of Non-Performing Loans
We provide legal advice in relation to the disposition, collection and management of non-performing loans. We have consistently been able to collect non-performing loans for our clients by negotiating settlement agreements and defending our clients' interests in the courts.